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Kitten Parade

An Unexpected Surprise

So approximately 10 weeks ago my sister’s cat, Stella, gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. Yesterday saw the last of these kittens off to their new homes and now that I’m left with an overwhelming sense of joy, sadness and wonder all at the same time I wanted to share the story of Stella and her babes.

First off, Stella was a stray cat that we took in off the streets of our surrounding neighborhood. We were thinking of adopting a pet and when we found this beauty wondering around outside in the winter, we fed her, took her to the vet and pretty soon we had a wonderful new addition to 789 (which is my home, see the About me section for details)

The vet told us that Stella may or may not be spayed, that it was hard to tell because the scar can heal really well but to just watch for signs that she was in heat. But Stella, being an outdoor cat, continued to go outside and before we knew it, she was looking a little pudgy!! We watched as Stella’s body grew and grew, her nipples became large and pink and her appetite went through the roof!!

Around 60 days later, one Friday evening, I was sitting on the couch with Stell, aware she was due any minute, when I felt her first contraction. My roommate, Rachel, and I quickly put together a comfortable spot for her in our front closet and proceeded to witness the birth of our 4 little babies over the course of just under 5 hours. It was an emotional roller coaster ride that we will never forget.

Now it’s been 10 weeks of watching these little guys grow from helpless, blind and deaf to crazy nut balls who literally terrorized our apartment! We named them in order of appearance. They were all tabby except for one little grey one, who we called “Grey”

The Kittens

It has been a challenge but now all but one of these little guys has been sent off to their homes. One, Bean, has found a permanent home with her mother at 789!!

Bean aka One

Bean was first born. She is a sweet little thing, very curious, very playful but also very happy to fall asleep on your lap. She won me over with her big eyes and sweet little ways. Now I get the enormous privilege of watching this little girl grow up and having her be my very own cat!

Polly Plum aka Grey

Grey, now known as Polly, was the little devil of the group. Always jumping and running, one minute she is a blur of fur racing by you, the next she is climbing up your leg. She moved just upstairs from us to our neighbors place and we’re so happy we still get to see her and babysit her sometimes!

Oliver aka Three

We refer to Oliver as “Baby Three”. He was the runt of the litter and we had to be very patient with him as he transitioned to soft food and using the litter box. He is full of personality and what I call “piss and vinegar”!!! He just went to his new home yesterday with a lovely young lady who is also taking on the responsibility of having her first cat. Her and Three bonded immediately and we were happy to find him a loving mom who will baby him like the wee babe he is!!

Johnny aka Four

Four was the smarty pants of the group! He ate right away, as soon as we put the bowl down. He also peed in the litter box on day one…This guy is going to be opening doors in no time! Just the sweetest little face you ever did see, Four, now known as Johnny, was a surprise for a nine year old girl who had always wanted a cat. Now she has an amazing one and word has it that he slept in her bed on their very first night together 🙂

This has honestly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’m sad it’s over but obviously realize that having 5 cats would make me a crazy cat lady. Now we’re down to 2, Stella and Bean and we look forward to getting updates on how our other little guys are doing. I’ll keep you posted as I hear of their progress!


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