Cuts&Pastes: New series

Glitter & Glue

Over the past little while I’ve sort of been working in three different styles. I have my digital illustration work, my pen and ink sketching style as well as my traditional collage work done using paper and fabric. Although all three have their similarities and tend to overlap in a finished piece, I’ve wanted to start focusing on one style in particular and drive toward a specific goal.

When I was in my last year of University at Sheridan College I did a piece for my Sketchbook Course and later, was commissioned by my sister to do two more as a series. I loved doing them and got a really great response. Ever since I’ve had the intention of doing more. It’s a style that comes very naturally to me and brings together everything I love about art.


So here it is: Cuts&Pastes The Series. A series of collages done entirely in paper, fabric, glitter and glue. I’ve put together a number of pieces already, with several more to come. The intent is to show these in some capacity within the next few months because they really are meant to be experienced in person. These images are an attempt to capture their essence as a preview of things to come and what you can expect from me over the next little while.

The Flowers




The Jellyfish


The Octopus


octopus-detailHere is a detail from the octopus piece so you can get an idea of how these pieces are done. As I said, they’re meant to be seen in person so I’ll keep you all posted once I know where/when these will be showing. I’m super into birds and sea creatures right now but if anyone else has suggestions on subject they’d like to see feel free to shout it out. I’m totally open!

Next up are some large scale pieces I’m really excited about.


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