Week One Meal Plan

One Week Down, Three to Go!!

I can’t believe a week has passed already and I have not updated you on the status of my cleanse! It’s because I’ve been so busy cleansing (grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning up) and putting together the illustrations for the food bank that I have not had a minute to update.

I put together a chart of my meals for the week to give you an overall idea of what I’ve been consuming on this crazy wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, etc. etc. etc. free diet. It mainly consists of veggie and protein based meals, smoothies and salads.

I’m working on putting together the individual recipes with measurements and photos but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you some of the websites that I get my inspiration from. I find it helpful to look up healthy recipes and then substitute whatever ingredients I need to in order to make them Candida friendly (or unfriendly)

Oh She Glows

First off, I would love to share the recipe for Carrot Cake Smoothie I found on OhSheGlows.com and enjoyed on Sunday night with my sister. Oh She Glows is a great vegan blog by Angela Liddon who shares her recipes, experiences and tips for healthy living each day. Instead of using a frozen banana for this recipe I used half an avocado, which gives the same creamy texture, and a few drops of stevia for the additional sweetness. It turned out really nicely, a lot like carrot cake batter, and I’m definitely going to be keeping it around for the coming weeks.


Another great place for inspiration is Chatelaine.com. They have a section under Health that is just Healthy Recipes and they actually borrow a lot of Angela’s recipes from Oh She Glows for this section of their magazine. Right now they are at the end of their Superfood Month where each day they share a new recipe with a different superfood as the main ingredient. This is where I got the idea for cauliflower mashed “potatoes”, which was a great change from just your plain old steamed veggies. Check it out for great information on the health benefits of some of nature’s greatest “Superfoods”. I’m making the sweet potato, kale, walnut burgers from their Summer Guide tonight and omitting the meat for my vegetarian friend.

Whole Foods Market

My other go to website for recipes is WholeFoodsMarket.com because not only do they have an enormous amount of tasty, nutritious recipes, but they also have a feature on their site that allows you to do an “Advanced Recipe Search” and select any dietary restrictions you need to account for as well as a course, a main ingredient or a style of cuisine you’re looking for. If you create an account with them you can also add recipes to your “Recipe Box” to save for later and it gives you the option of printing out an easy to read Grocery List for your next shopping visit! Easy Peezy!! I made their Baked Coconut Lentils a while back and they were awesome (and filling) and I’ve stashed the recipe for Lamb Stew with Spring Vegetables away for next week.

My next challenge is coming for me at the end of the week as I embark on vacation with my boyfriend and his family to Vancouver. This is an unexpected trip for me and it comes on Day 13 of my cleanse, a crucial time where there’s no turning back. It’s going to be tough to adhere to all the restrictions of my diet but I’m going to do my very best to get through it, avoiding the temptations of vacation indulgences. I will update you when I’m back after 5 days as to how it went and any tips I can to give you on cleansing while traveling. Wish me luck!!


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