Summer Bucket List

Summer in the City

Summer is upon us, and as a heat wave rolls into Toronto I’ve decided it’s time I better start my Summer Bucket List 2012. This is my first summer living in the city as an adult with my own place, so it has to be brilliant. It’s easy though, as time moves so quickly, to let summer pass by without doing a fraction of the things you might have talked about or wanted to plan. Hence the Summer Bucket List; a list of specific goals/tasks for the summer months to narrow down exactly what it is I want to do/accomplish on these hot steamy days.

Here is my list so far…

Summer Bucket List 2012

1.Go to the Toronto Library (and get a library card)
2.Go kayaking at Rockwood Conservation Area
3.Dress up and go for dinner in Yorkville
4.Go for a hike
5.Spend a day thrifting in Toronto
6.Update my illustration website
7.Assemble a collection of healthy recipes
8.Pick some sort of fruit or veg
9.Spend a day in Bloor West Village
10.Spend a day on the Danforth
11.Attend a festival of some sort
12.Host a BBQ
13.Go on a road trip
14.Picnic in Trinity Bellwoods

15.Go to the Beach….

This past weekend I had the privilege of starting my list early with a trip to Toronto Island, specifically Ward’s Island. What a day!! I had not been to the island since I was a kid and just remembered it as a bunch of carnival rides and fast food joints.

This time, however, I realized what an amazing way it is to get out of the city and enjoy sandy beaches, hot sun and cool water.  A bunch of friends and I took the ferry out there in the early afternoon, hauling a charcoal bbq and two huge coolers along side us, and spent literally the entire day basking in the sun.

It wasn’t even too busy and I can say we truly had an amazing time. So if hitting the beach is on your summer bucket list and you’re looking for a low cost, simple solution, pay the $7 return fare for the ferry, pack a lunch, and enjoy!! Get information on the ferry schedule, island rules and regulations and directions here.

Toronto is a city full of wonder and adventure waiting to be discovered. I’m only just scraping the surface having now lived here for just under 10 months. I will be continuing to post as I find new and exciting things to do in the city.

I would love to hear what’s on your summer bucket list. I’m looking for places, people, stores, parks, restaurants, events, festivals and anything else that is fun, exciting, new and adventurous. What are you up to on these beautiful summer days??


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