Preparing for a Cleanse

My 30 Day Intestinal Cleanse is less than a week away and over the past couple of weeks I have been doing a number of things in preparation…

5 Days ’til Detox

I started by eliminating the big offenders from my diet; wheat, sugar and gluten. In place I have added much more plant based foods to get my body used to this diet. Rushing into a cleanse can leave your body in shock and most people will experience “die off” symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and bowel problems. Pretty much you’re going to feel worse before you feel better so the smoother you can transition into the cleanse the better.

I’ve started taking my vitamins regularly including Vitamin D, B12, Iron, EFA’s and Probiotics. I’ve stopped drinking coffee every morning and switched to green tea. Coffee is one of the hardest parts of this cleanse for me and to stop cold turkey would be nearly impossible. I’ve had 3 coffees this week and by next week I will have cut out caffeine completely.

I’ve also taken a trip to my local health food store and stocked up on good food. Here’s what I’ve added to my cupboards in preparation:

 Coconut Oil
There’s a ton of good stuff in coconut oil and the benefits of adding it into your diet include  stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism as well as relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer. You may also see improvements in your hair, skin, teeth and bones. What’s not to love?! I add it into my smoothies or use it while I’m cooking.

Bragg’s Liquid Soy Seasoning
This little guy is a god send for cooking and seasoning. Because traditional soy sauce contains wheat, I stocked my cupboards with Bragg’s for my asian inspired meals (which are many). The only ingredient is soy so you know you’re safe from hidden offenders that are typical in a lot of sauces. It’s also perfect for packing along with you if you head out to a restaurant where they use soy sauce as an alternative for dipping or to offer to the chef to use to cook your meal. Most restaurants are happy to comply with food sensitivities so don’t feel weird!

 Spirulina Powder
Spirulina is a single celled algae full of minerals, vitamins and macronutrients including a huge supply of protein, perfect for morning smoothies or after workout shakes. It also contains Vitamins B1,  B2, B6, E and K as well as magnesium and iron. It is ALSO full of Essential Fatty Acids and enzymes that help to digest food not to mention it improves skin and hair, mental functioning and your immune system. Spirulina does all this while at the same time being actually helpful to the environment. How can you say no to this brilliant green stuff?!

Innovite Intestinal Cleanse
The only way to pass all the candida build up through your system is to do an intestinal cleanse. Even while you’re adhering to a strict diet you’ll want to flush out your system with a good anti-candida cleanse. I use the Innovite Yeast Buster Kit which includes Caproil (a proven candida killer made from coconut and safflower oil),  Bentonite (a clay that absorbs the toxins left behind by the Caproil) and Psyllium (which allows everything to pass through your system and gently scrubs the intestines) I take this every morning and follow it up with an excellent probiotic before bed.

Pau D’Arco Tea
Since during this cleanse I will be giving up all forms of caffeine, I had to turn to an alternative tea. While Rooibos is a viable alternative, I wanted to find something that not only I could have but that I SHOULD have! And that’s when I read up on Pau D’Arco, which is extracted from the inner bark of the Lapacho tree in Argentina. This tea is known to heal the immune system and act as a powerful antibiotic. Reports in the US have stated that when ingested Pau D’Arco has “cured terminal leukemia, arthritis, yeast and fungus infections, arrested pain, stopped athlete’s foot and cured the common cold” Learn more here.

So now that my cupboards are stocked with some powerful candida fighting substances I feel a great sense of relief and encouragement. I feel like I’m ready to go ahead and tackle this diet. Whenever my body gets a craving I’m just going to serve it up more of the healthiest nutrients I can find. Now all I have to do is start on my weekly meal plans which I have all weekend to do!


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