Welcome to Cuts & Pastes

A Collage of Cuts and Pastes from the Life of a Girl on a Quest

This blog will be many things. It will be artistic things. It will be nutritious things. It will be exciting things, DIY things and furry things.

It will be an outlet for sharing all the goings on in my life as I start out in search of a career, health, happiness and broader horizons. I will be sharing with you recipes for a healthier living and my experience as I embark on a 30 Day Detox to eliminate Candida. I will be sharing my images and process work as I put together new pieces  like the upcoming illustrations for the Daily Bread Food Bank. I will also be sharing information on  great events, festivities and happenings of my city as well as other cool ways to have fun, improve your well being and the well being of the planet.

In a nutshell, it’s a combination of all my passions thrown together in an array of cuts and pastes. I hope you enjoy!


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